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WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd is a High-tech enterprise, specialized in researching, producing and selling high-intensity sweeteners. HuaSweet is the main drafting of the National Standards for high-intensity sweeteners such as Neotame and Thaumatin. We also has 15 national invention patents and new utility patents for high-intensity sweeteners.

WuHan HuaSweet is located in Gedian economic development zone, Hubei province, Huasweet invest more than 200 million on fixed assets, the firm covers an area of 70000 square meters, annual capacity of neotame is 1000 tons, 3,3- dimethylbutyraldehyde is 400 tons, NHDC(Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone) is 200 tons, and Sweet Best (Sweet solution) is 5000 tons. HuaSweet has the most complete industrial chain of neotame in the world, the annual sales volume of neotame, 3,3- dimethylbutyraldehyde (the critical raw material for neotame’s production), and Sweet Best (Sweet solution) are the No.1 in China.


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