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    Sweetener Solutions(Sweet Best)

    Sweetener Solutions(Sweet Best)
    Name: Sweetener Solutions(Sweet Best)

    Sweetener solutions leader


    One-stop Sweetener solutions Provider


    Wuhan HuaSweet focus on Chinese sweetener industry, and serves the global food companies.


    Wuhan HuaSweet provide professional Sweetener solutions and various customized services

    according to customers’ requirement. No matter in design, research or production, we are committed to creating a new experience of sweetness and healthiness for consumer with you.


    HuaSweet solutions will help you rearrange the formula, to ensure it meets the requirements of you and your customers’, it will bring you a more delicious product, and make you become more competitive.


    Product advantage

    Healthy, Safe, Delicious, Properties, Cost.

    Taste good, like sucrose.

    High stability and doesn’t react with reduced sugar or aldehyde flavor compounds.

    Carries no calories and participate neither metabolism nor digestion, which is edible for the diabetes, obese and phenylketonuria patients.


    Product standard

    Our research and development technicians can customize the sweetness and flavor, to meet your special taste requirement or cost requirement. The quality of “Sweet Best” of HuaSweet conforms to the requirements of GB2760 and GB26687.


    Product application

    Frozen drinks (excluding edible ice), fruit can, jelly, beverage (excluding packaged drinking water), canned eight-treasure porridge, jam, pickles, baked goods, fermented tofu, soy sauce, vinegar, confection, concentrated juice, liqueur (excluding wine), candied succades, compound seasoning, table sweetener, etc.

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